Alumni Networks

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Alumni Networks

Alumni networks are chartered by the Alumni Association to cultivate friendships,
promote lifelong learning and foster positive connections with their alma mater.

Networks provide opportunities for networking, professional development and
entertainment through educational, cultural, social and family programs.

Regional Networks

Alumni networks are formal groups charted in geographical regions for alumni
to connect with each other.  Activities vary by area but often include happy hours
or athletic events, educational programs and career networking.  All alumni are
encouraged to get involved with local alums in their area.  New networks can be
formed at any time.

• Washington, DC - Visit Our Homepage
• New York Tri-State
 - Visit Our Homepage
• Savannah - Visit Our Homepage 

Special Interest Networks

Special interest networks provide a means for alumni to reconnect with friends and 
colleagues with similar background and educational interest.  The activities and 
programming of these alumni networks offer very similar programming to regional 
networking including mentoring programs between current student and alumni and 
networking events for alumni and students.

The Signal  - Visit Our Homepage
• Young Alumni Council - Coming Soon

Professional Networks

Professional alumni networks provide a means for alumni to reconnect with friends
and colleagues within their professional & academic careers.  The activities and
programming of these networks vary but often include mentoring programs between
current students and alumni and networking events for alumni and students.

• Hospitality Alumni Network - Visit Our Homepage

University Sponsored Clubs

University sponsored clubs are professional development and networking groups dedicated to enriching the professional lives of alumni by partnering with your respective college within Georgia State University.  Assist in the advancement of Georgia State by working with your college through seminars, speaking engagements and development opportunities.  

• College of Education Alumni Club
• Robinson College of Business Alumni Clubs
• Robinson Council of Young Business Leaders

How to Start an Alumni Network

If you would like to start an alumni
network in your area, please read
GSU Alumni Network Guidelines
Alumni Network Application (pdf)
Alumni Network Application (web)

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If you are interested in learning more about a network or would like to start a network in your area, please contact the GSU Alumni Affairs Office (404) 413-2190 or by email at  

Georgia State Alumni Association

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