Dear Panther,

We are proud to announce the launch of Georgia State University’s new, digital portfolio and career readiness network, Portfolium! This innovative tool was carefully selected and approved by the administration to provide every student and alumni with a beautifully organized digital portfolio to showcase their academic and professional journeys.

**Next week, you’ll receive an email from Portfolium with the subject:  “Access Your Georgia State University Portfolium”

We encourage you to utilize this free resource to:

Showcase your skills and experiences – Share what you’ve accomplished since graduation from Georgia State University. Document your career path and what you’ve learned along the way. Restore your Georgia State University projects to their full glory and boast about how well you did while you were here. Seamlessly enhance your LinkedIn profile and resume by bringing your bullet points to life with the visual proof of your work and projects!

Re-connect and collaborate - In the months since launching Portfolium to our undergraduate students, we have accumulated an impressive network of talented and skilled students showcasing what they do best. See what current and former students are working on and connect with them: https://portfolium.com/network/georgia-state-university

Refer, hire or get hired - Portfolium is a great place to find talented candidates for open positions at your company!  Or if you are currently looking for employment or a change, showcase your work in the Georgia State University network to gain exposure to fellow Georgia State University alumni, exclusive Georgia State University Corporate Partners, as well as recruiters from companies such as Disney, Nike, Verizon, Google, Boeing, SpaceX, and Facebook. For a full list of companies, visit: https://portfolium.com/companies


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