As an SAA member, you'll have the opportunity for leadership development opportunities. SAA works to fulfill our leadership development initiatives by hosting our own leadership events as well as working with the University Leadership Development department and Career Services to promote other leadership events around campus.

SAA's 'Look Like A Student, Act Like A Boss' Series

'Look Like a Student, Act Like a Boss' is a 3 part series of seminars and presentations on personal, professional, and career development. SAA partnered with University’s Leadership Development Department to help promote campus wide leadership development initiatives.

  • Discover Your Passion… STOP Living & START Existing with Counselor & Life Coach Jack A. Daniels
    • "What is my purpose?" Research suggests that 75% of us DON'T KNOW what our passion is - Do you? Discover your passion today and live with a greater sense of purpose & balance in your life! This interactive seminar is designed to help you begin LIVING the life you deserve & not the one you dream about! 
  • Tweet Responsibly- Don't let social networking effect your future career path! Join SAA & Leadership Development as we discuss the Do's & Dont's of social networking and how you can use it to your advantage to advance your professional career.
  • Backpacks to Briefcases- Don’t wait until graduation to start your professional career development! Gain tips on what you can do NOW to develop yourself professionally as a student. While college teaches you the fundamentals of your chosen career, Backpacks to Briefcases will give you the know-how that many people acquire only after years in the workplace. There will also be a fashion show to demonstrate how you can mold your professional look while still in school.

GSU Panther Leadership Academy

Panther Leadership Academy is a three day retreat for students interested in an intense leadership development experience. The goal of the retreat is to build participants’ confidence in their leadership skills, so they can positively influence their personal communities. SAA’s advisor and several members take part in this annual event as retreat facilitators, mentors, and participants. Board of Directors members who are selected to attend PLA also have their registration sponsored by SAA.

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