Alumni Connection events serve to connect GSU’s alumni to the current student body. Most events are hosted by the Alumni Association and students are invited to attend to network and make connections with the alumni community.

Alumni Tailgates
For each home football game, the Alumni Association hosts a tailgate prior to kickoff for the members of the GSU Alumni Association. SAA members are invited to attend and network with their alumni over food and pre-game activities. This event allows students and alumni to connect in a fun environment and for students to get a taste of the alumni life after college.

Lunch N Learns
Each year, the Alumni Association hosts a series of Lunch N Learns for GSU students on various topics including college budgeting, campus scholarship resources, and building good study habits. Speakers include GSU alums and it is a way for the alumni to offer valuable information and resources to students over lunch. SAA Board of Directors members also serve as event hosts and volunteers for the Alumni sponsored Lunch N Learn programs.  

Dinner with 12 Panthers
Dinner with 12 Panthers is SAA’s most popular event to date! With this program, 12 students are matched with an alumnus in their respective career fields and is an excellent networking program based on a simple idea: local alumni and faculty hosting dinners for current students in an effort to make GSU a smaller, friendlier place. Dinners range from catered affairs to simple buffets to home-cooked fare. These dinners help to personalize the Georgia State University experience for today's students and may even shed some light on their future endeavors.

Progressive Dinner
In April of 2012, members of the SAA Board of Directors (SAA-BoD) had the pleasure of attending their very first Progressive Dinner. A progressive dinner is a dinner party in which each successive course is prepared and eaten at the residence of a different host -- the guests progress from house to house. Each year since, the top 25 members of the SAA-BoD attend the Progressive dinner. The main course is always hosted by GSU President Mark Becker and his wife, First Lady Laura Voisinet, This event is a great way for members to connect with Georgia State alums, our president, and to get more insight on the importance of Alumni and student relations to our university and campus. Members also share more about the mission and purpose of the Student Alumni Association and what we are doing to help change the face of the Georgia State campus.

2015 Progressive Dinner 

2014 Progressive Dinner

Distinguished Alumni Awards
The Alumni Association has recognized outstanding accomplishments and contributions of alumni from Georgia State University since 1963 with Distinguished Alumni Awards. This event also recognizes the students who received Alumni sponsored scholarships and the SAA scholarships. Members of the SAA Board of Directors are also guests of this prestigious event.

Alumni Sponsored Scholarships
The generosity of alumni and friends is responsible for much of the University's progress. Contributions for scholarships and fellowships help students achieve their educational goals. The Alumni Association has it's very own scholarship endowment with over a dozen scholarship opportunities for current students, two being awarded solely to members of SAA. Scholarship applications are open from December to February and are awarded for the following fall semester. For information on our scholarship and how to apply, visit our scholarships page.

Etiquette Dinner
Each semester, the Alumni Association hosts an etiquette dinner for up and coming graduates, which is also open to current SAA members. This event focuses to help current students learn the etiquette skills they need for career networking and job interviews, which often include lunches and dinners. Speakers include GSU alums and it is a way for the alumni to offer valuable information and resources to students over a proper meal setting.   

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