SAA- The Panther Bridge

Why is it important for SAA to bridge the gap between students and alums? Click here to view the full article.  

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of the Student Alumni Association is to unite current students with alumni in a manner that creates strong value, pride, and tradition for both students and alumni of Georgia State University. This inclusive opportunity supports the Alumni Association’s mission to keep alumni “in touch, informed, involved and invested” in the University. Faithful alumni and student collaboration yields valuable programs rooted in deep traditions that are unique and engaging to Panthers both young and old.

The vision of the Student Alumni Association is to integrate traditional student programs that offer alumni networking resulting in quality graduates who in the future serve and promote the interests, goals and objectives of the Georgia State University Alumni Association.  

Contact Us:

Student Alumni Association 
Dahlberg Hall (formerly Alumni Hall) 
30 Courtland St. NE
PO Box 3999
Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: 404-413-1433
Fax: 404-413-1444



P.O. Box 3999 Atlanta, Ga. 30302-3999 | (404) 413-2190 / 800-GSU-ALUM